Saturday Night Cruise
Once or twice a year the Cruise-In Summer Series crew organizes a Saturday Night Cruise.
What can you expect from this Saturday Night Cruise.
Through using a road book you will participate in an orientation ride.
This ride will lead you through the Limburg Country side to a secret location.
Here will be an after-party and winners will be revealed.
The orientation ride is not a race and we will not take in consideration the time of driving.
During the ride there will be some funny tests.
With these tests you can earn points as well as with the questions you have to answer in the roadbook.
To join is only possible with a ride before 1980.
There will be always a reason for exceptions.
If this is the case you can ask the organization for an approval.
(Think about special US cars or exclusive sports-cars, etc.)
Participating the Saturday Night Cruise is for free!!!!!!
If you still have questions about the Staurday Night Cruise,
than ask one of the Crew-members during the Cruise-In Summer Series on Thursday nights.
Itís also possible to ask others participants about their experience during one off the Saturday Night Cruises.
You want to join the Saturday Night Cruise than fill in the pre-entry form on the site,
and make sure you fill in the date you want to join (both Cruises are also possible).
Submit the form to give us the possibility to create a list of participants.
We have set a maximum of 50 participants.
Pre-entry is also possible on the Thursday nights, just ask for Bill, John or Rob.
After submitting trough the site,
we will send you an e-mail with the approval of entering or,
disapproval in case of reaching full capacity.
We hope to see you on one of the Saturday Night Cruises!!
Keep on Cruiziní
The Organization Cruise-In Summer Series.