The phenomenon Cruise-In, what does it contain.

First of all, such as many things considering the car-culture,
it's an influence from the United States of America.
For many years this is a weekly, if not, a daily event.
Depending on the state, for example Florida, the whole year through.
In Detroit and surrounding suburbs, from April until October,
are on a dialy basis a minimum of 5 Cruise-In's which can be visited.

But now some explanation concerning: What's a Cruise-In ?

This is an event which is attended by people who love old and antique cars and meet after a small ride,
what's done individually or in a small group, on a parking place.
This makes it for people, all interested in the same hobby,
easy to join and exchange experiences.
Of course is this the best opportunity, sometimes after years of hard work,
to show off your nice car. Even more important is the fact that during such an event,
there's a high value of information together in one place.
In case somebody wants to start a restauration, this is the place to be to ask around for the best addresses for parts,
where to go for re-chroming or sand-blasting, etc.
Of course, nowadays everything's accessible through internet,
but there's nothing better to share this live with others,
and there's always to consider the fact for example that there are a lot of companies which do re-chroming
but who does the best job. Often you find out, too late, who's the best.
So here's the opportunity for valuable information.

Back to the first written sentence "meeting on a parking-place".
This is fun but even better if there's something arranged for you. This is possible!
A couple of guys start searching for the ideal location which needs to be easy accessible,
enough space (parking space), is there some place where you can eat, then there is also a restroom and other necessities,
and is there a possibility to arrange for some music (50's + 60's Rock & Roll Oldies).
Another very important factor is to find some sponsors who are willing to sponsor some PR-stuff
or other small give away things to raffle off to the participants.
The interesting factor for the sponsors is the fact that a Cruise-In is visited by a lot of people (visitors),
who want to see all these nice cars. Because seeing one in daily travel is a lucky chance and then you see it only in a flash,
this ONE car. Now during a Cruise-In there are a lot of these cars, nicely parked and shiny next to each other.
Most of the time if you want to see this, you'll have to go to a museum,
driving a lot of miles to get there and don't forget: pay admission.
Pay attention now: a Cruise-In is always for FREE.

There's only one more thing left to tell and this is about what kind a cars people can expect in the Cruis-In.
Overall there are old/antique cars, but this is the easy way out.
These cars can be all-original or restaured.
The owner can also decide to change a few or a lot of things on his or her car,
then called: "customized". And with all this you'll get your different categories, such as:
Classic: car all original or restaured to original.
Street-machine: classic or muscle car with a souped-up engine,
often with a lot of chrome parts and wide (very wide) tires and wheels.
Hot-rod: car built before 1950, with a lot of changes. Such as souped-up engine,
different suspension (front + rear axles from a newer car/model), sometimes chopped and a more luxurious interior.
Low-rider: classic, but now it's lowered through a "pump"- or air-ride system so car can be positioned lower than original.

This are only a few categories. To name all it will probably take more than one A-4 form.
And there's always the possibility to combine different categories.
But the main factor is, this is an interesting event for participants,
visitors and not to forget the sponsors.